Saturday, April 4, 2009

on friday morning

its was about 5.45 a.m on friday, i heard my grandmother walking to my parent room which is about two step from my room and wake them up .I hear the them rushing to my grandparents room.So i quicly wake up to see what had happened.My grandfather fall when he is going to toilet.Me and dad carried him up to the bed.Then not too long he woke up and went to the toilet,again he fall.luckily it was not that serious. then he continue sleeping.For me i get ready to go to school.I am so worry about my grandfather when i am in the school.So I call home to ask how his mum said he is fine.According to my mother, the doctor say my garndpa fall because the blood could not pump to the head that cause him to faint and always so sleepy.

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