Tuesday, May 5, 2009


yeah it is my class.What wrong with my class?just two word to describe them SAMPAH MASYARAKAT.They did not pay attention in the class, non-stop talking although they sit in front of the teacher who is teaching.Want to know who are they?One name Pavthrabhanu and Santia.Of course there is much more doing this in the class.I press on them because they are just a copy ghost instead of a copy cat especially Pavthrabhanu.I wish i can give her a tight slap, tight kick ,tight punch.There is much more people like this is in the class or consider worse then them like Reshma and Gitanjali.They are real junk in the class.Only their look is more than enough for someone to hate her.They just know not to do homework, annoy people , talk in the class,no discipline at all, and make the teacher angry.

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