Sunday, June 7, 2009

DAMN....... computer punya motherboard rosak and good my dad say that he is going to buy a new cpu BUT when?i don't know.Take a look at this cake.Buy from jj cake shop.VERY NICE hor.Taste ar?not bad but very difficult to cut.It cost $100.It for my uncle 70th bday.The Sakuma drop and the shin chan bottle is what i buy in 100yen shop.The taste we call it so so ler.after this update i don't know when i'll come back blogging coz waiting for my new cpu.For next week, haizzz got tuition.siennya.......Back to school soon lagi sienzzzzz.Still on my way seeking for grad nite punya masquerade and the shoe( my dear friend will buy for me when my bday come. hahahaha) Sayonara

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