Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yup,spm end today feel so relieve.When the examiner said that "Baiklah, masa sudah tamat.Tolong berhenti menulis.Kertas akan dikutip sebentar lagi".Wah.....so happy.... Immediately everyone scream and shout "Terima kasih,cikgu"Then i jump up and scream...But the examiner call us to sit at our own space then she say "......semoga anda berjaya dalam hidup..."thats what i hear....we continue to snap picture then.Lai may went up the stage to take picture with the examiner.The funniest part is where everyone went up and no one take the camera..LolxD.Everyone point to the stack of paper which Mr.siew holding to take picture but he said"tak boleh ambil gambar....kertas ini sulit :[...We called him to take picture with us but he refuse and said he have to send the paper to jpn........
Pn.Punitha the examiner
Mr.Siew wrapping chemi 3 paper! Mr.Siew said that this paper is sulit....
all the soh poh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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