Thursday, June 3, 2010

actually, i got no things to talk about.Not much up and down and my life for this pass few week and i don't really have the mood to blog and no new picture to upload.I wish i can sneak bringing camera to school so that i can post it here.I think i was the lucky one who got to 6rs though it is the second bio class, i am very satisfied with it.I got the best math teacher, the best bio teacher(mr.kohsalan) and a very 'fai' pa teacher mr.rajendran.i never love school and stugy like this before maybe is the influence of the teacher=D.I officially can drive now ~woot~because i got my P license today.These few weeks will have lots of interview i guess.And i really have fun with my desk mates which is Nikitha Bai and Bao Xin.I also get the chance to meet a few of 'great' ppl my class like Rock, Chris, Munfei, Sofian,Vincent.They are seriously 'siao' like me and fun to meet them.I wish to buy a camera.So those who pass by reading this post and know where to get a cheap and good camera please tell me ya....I thought of writting more stuff here but i can't really think of one.And ya.....some guys in acs is like animal, they are different from human the disturb, yell and jumping up and down and some of them like never see girls before.Now i'm freaking sleepy~Nitez~

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