Wednesday, August 18, 2010

reflection of school life

What is the main purpose of us going to school?Is it to get all excellent in academic result is the main point we are going to school?I think people nowadays changes it meaning.In my view,school is actually the place for us to gain knowledge and mix with people around and now school become a place for people to compete and fight among each other to become the best of all.In these buildings there are hell a lot political going on.People fight among people.What the fucking ass going on right now?Getting scolded by teacher when we get poor result.Yes i admit that sometime it could be we are too busy and just don't want to study,how about slow learner?Do they this purposely?When they do it wrong, they just throw tantrum easily like what????nuclear boom ar??Why are them hard to please?Why they expect us to do what genius do?We are human being.God make us different from each other so that we won't look like dolly the sheep.Am i choosing the wrong way or the wrong way choose me as the victim???People is like that ar???

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