Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have no idea why am i thinking so much about them.Maybe the changes they brings into my life means a lo and hell meaningful to me.The life i had there is totally perfect.None of them fight for the best result, no ones cares how many A's we got.No ones really talk about studies.Money is not a problem.No one is materialistic there.What we have is the strong bonds that hold us together as a family.We get to know each other in 3 days times and live together for 3 month, yet we can be so close to each other.They are just like our siblings.We care for each other when fall sick, we become our leg when your leg is injured, we help each other when we are in need, we collect and fold everyone dirty clothes when the laundry man is here.We go to toilet and bath together.Our mother will buy/cook us food when she go out at night.We are so mad that we woke up 5 in the morning to watch stars by lying in the tar road.A place where everyone would dance and sing happily only with 2 song through out the 3 month and yet we have so much fun together till 12+.And here is the only place i find the most stars in the sky.The place i really feel that there are no boundaries between us.Living with different people of different race is not a problem.Here is the place ,Kem PLKN Nilam Ehsan.The place I called my second home.But now,what left is just memory and pictures.Even when i go back there the feeling is not the same anymore because the people there change from time to time.To all my dormmate, you are the best people I've met so far.Can YOU give me a day back with them because i just miss them a lot.If you do, i swear i will appreciate it a lot .I hope i can rewind back the time with them *tears rolling* and touch them again.Human is always like this, we only appreciate somthing when it is gone.

i rather stay there than acs

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