Thursday, February 17, 2011

170211-Saja tangan gatal

..Hehehehe.....long time did not update my blog ohlady so i'm gonna crap something to be post la....
Today is the last day for chinese new year and also known as chinese valentine day.....No more angpau to collect ady have to wait another 365 sad hor???Then, exam is coming very soon anyway too bad to say i never pass any of the 4 subjsect gonna die dy....What to do now???Study to study leh??? i memang tarak tau la....HAPPILY CELEBRATING MY LIFE WITH FAMILIES AND FRIENDS THROUHOUT THE YEAR!yeah~~

gigantic dragon joss stick for the 8th day of cny which is bai tin gong

My darling Jayden back from uk for new year, 3rd time!Damn Cute Damn talkative

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