Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Add MAth.....

Today the add math paper 2 is darn hell hard.It was unexpected that hard(even my friend also say its hard).I have never sat in the hall and sweating like hell when doing add math paper 2.This happen when my dad came home about 6+ after work.Here's the dialog..

Daddy : So, how?Today add math very easy, ar?

Me: Who say de???Who say very easy???I din say anything also????

Daddy :One of my customer(who is a teacher from STAR) doing add math paper in my office
say the paper is very easy.The student there scream and jump of joy because the paper
is too easy.

Me :Wth!!!!!!I stuggle doing the paper half alive and they say the paper is easy

Mum :You should do more revision before the add math test mah....The apply the formula la

Me : Not that easy de actually.The paper is really hard la.Although the formula is given, its not
that easy de.

Mum :Got formula gar....should be easy la

Me :You say so easy you do la...

Mum :If I know how to do then I can become your teacher or headmistress la...

(Everyone laugh.....)

Daddy :Its not as easy as what u say de.Like when you cook, you are given ingredient and
receipe but no one help you no use de

Me&Bro :Ya lor...ya lor.....

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