Friday, June 24, 2011


yes, finally i can update my blog after trying to sign in for gazillion times.You never know how i few when i have the urge to blog but i can't do it yesterday.

To the one I love, but its impossible to have him. To the woman whom I concern, you are very very lucky to have him in your life.Please appreciate him to the fullest. If not, please give him to me and I'll guarantee to give him everything I had.I'll shower him with all my love and care that I had.I will love him more than I love myself.Please give him all the love you have.

I feel so restless recently, I had enough sleep but mentally seems very tired.I need to get back on track.Gonna Study Little Girl! Can I marry now and become a housewife? I want to become a housewife maybe because I watch too much drama and movie but I wish to have my own family with a loving husband and children.I don't mind become a house maid and a little woman behind a man.I personally believe that a woman should be supporting her man without any doubt , trust and respect.This is what I want in my life. Many people say I'm stupid, but I am more than wiling to do these.I AM SILLY!

Back to reality, signature hunt for probationary prefect is on going. I just realize my signature is so valuable.But i will not play them as if they are not human being. Rational is very important.Don't go beyond human limit.

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