Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of my heaven.

Why i love blogging recently?This is a place where I can express feeling and voice out my point without anyone objection.Its normal for everyone to think they are always right, same goes to me.Therefore, i prefer to say anything here rather than speaks directly to the person whom I want to express my feeling to. Rational is the root of everything.If we can think rationally, there will be less argument and fighting among each other especially in a family.Then, we can make wise decision out of the matter.Fighting for you point doesn't really make you right, support it with relevant facts and let other think about you.There is no right or wrong in your thoughts but together we discuss and choose the best solution out of it.There is no point arguing.Arguing only make it worse. Take a step back an look, you can see better and think again.Remember, be rational and don't be so self-centered.Think for others too.The world is actually very bright!

Eii, why I talk too much about this issue here.Hope those who read it get some idea on what to do next.

Yesterday,there is a party in my aunt's house.Really have fun talking to all my cousins and their spouse-s, my dad join our conversation.I get very excited when I see pregnant woman like my cousin sister.Love to see woman pampered by their husband.Awwww<3.Talking rubbish and joking together in a family is totally something that can't buy with money.


Today is sunday.As usual, my dad will wake me and brother up for breakfast.We went for a car wash before heading to Kopitiam for breakfast.I love sunday because its the only day we can go for breakfast together and spend our time together.I ate a lot this morning and I see my grandmother eating happily with us.So people, don't ask me out on sunday morning,I will ignore you!

Later in the afternoon,I went for swimming with my buddy,YangSeen, Carynne, Kangye, Meiyan , KitYee, Jamie, Rikmun and TheamAun.Then, head for mamak for maggie goreng.

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