Friday, July 10, 2009

Life without parent guidance parent dump me and my brother in the house for 4 days and they are enjoying themselves in Singapore and celebrating my sister graduation.I have to do all the chores like dish washing ,laundry and all sort of rubbish.BUT no one really care what i am doing, no nagging, or consider myself taking a rest.Today is the second day they are away and my bro went to his friend house overnite so i dominate the laptop for tonite.What am i going to eat for the next two day?It's definitely not a problem for me coz me and my aunt plan to cook or experiment some new thing and have book restaurant for sunday dinner.TOMORROW got so many things to do like bathing my dog, facial ,cooking ,washing and many more.Luckily i was not choosen to hari anugerah cemerlang or else i have to sit in the school wasting 2 hour plus for watching other getting prize.
Got many homework to do...have to stay up late...yer....add math , chemistry note,mod math, english, physics.

in the and laimay talk about man.YES THEY ARE THE MOST USELESS PEOPLE IN THIS 21ST CENTURY.Man always thinks that they are always right , very proud of them self ,ego and even like to gossip more than woman....

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