Friday, July 3, 2009

UPDATES for this week

Monday :skip school but not a good thing to go because have to go back to the hospital for check
Change doctor dy from physician consultant to ear,nose and throat doctor.Then he say
my blood capillary in my nose is hurt so....have to eat 6 type of medicine.All my teddy
bear have to keep away form me...sad.

Tuesday : National service thingy is spreading around...i still dunno about it.

Wednesday :Check whether did i chosen for ns or not.Yes i was choose.Not very sad for me.I
hope that my buddy who were chosen too can be in the same batch and camp with

Thursday :Its report card day.As usual no complain from my class teacher.She say i very good in
class, no discipline problem...hahaha....

Friday :My class vote for a new assistant monitor.SANTHIA RANI IS THE dun think
she deserve it because i dun really like her attitude in the class which is sleeping or
talking with pavithrabhanu.She din even open the book and just can't stop talking plus
she just sit right infront if the teacher during bio and physics class.IT IS VERY RUDE
for me.

Saturday:Go to school for rangers.Boiling water with aluminium foil by using branches.....
later is going for facial with my aunty....

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