Friday, July 17, 2009

MY bIRthdAy PResENt....

all this is my 17 birthday present from my fren and family.beside from all this,my aunt treat me and my family for a meal in restaurant and another aunty give me a facial course..hehehe.Then i have a secret recipe cornish from my cousin sista.My sister bought me a dress and a slipper.The black heels i choose is 3 inch high and i plan to wear it on grad nite.THANK YOU to all of you for the lovely present.muakzzz.....

wind chime from suetyan
big angpau from grandma and mummy
mini cup from Ellanie
winnie the pooh cup from su pui
a beautiful heels from i-may,laimay,karyen,kangye and waiyee

a clip from imay
side view

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