Friday, October 22, 2010

What I Touch ,Eat ,See, And Play!

Woot~~ exam is over except for muet speaking....Have the 'lau ya-est' listening exam yesterday.It was so sucky that i can't get a word to express it.Anyway, i have fun today karaoke-ing with Putt, Carynne and Kangye at Jaya jusco.

Some of the pic belows are from my handphone camera.Its been years those picture in the cell phones.....

Releasing stress after exam!That's the way!

Hurley sleeping on my cushion!

hahaha...its lubricant with strawberry flavour...aunt company new product

see how large the pizza is compare to my bro hand

big piece right??

Acs drama.....see siewfai singing his cardinal song

The Three Musketeers.........and...planchet

moooncake festival with cousins <3

My youngest sister hurley the pamperes shih tzu

During the cruise!

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