Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yesterday and Today

I really have fun this 2 day, get to eat like no body business.Though there are a few sad things happening like failing many subject.Failing doesn't really bring me down but dissapointing teacher who put so many effort on us is the most saddening.I felt so sorry for Pn,Kwan , Mr.Kohsalan and Mr.Rajendran.But what i can tell them is i tried my best to answer the question that time and looking back at those wrong answer make me telling myself stupid!
Okay back to the main point, yesterday night and tonight i was pleased my tonnes of good food from michealangelo pizza ,then pasar malam food with the 4 beauties down there!Scroll down and take a look !

Carynne ,Putt ,Kangye and never go to pasar malam before.See their mouth still busy chewing

My dad birthday 'cake'....My dad give me kiss on the cheek in return!Love u dad and happy birthday!

Kahyee playing with the cricket and remind us on her childhood experience!

Of course not gonna eat it>.
The cockroach i disect

So satisfying.....bye

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