Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yesterday went shopping with dad and we saw this phone on sale.I was looking and playing with it.
Dad : Wah!!!This phone price drop a lot woh.....
Me : Ya meh???This phone not bad ar...Got wifi, touch screen.....Model not bad.....
Dad: ya lor.....this phone quite cheap
Me : *ya lor ya lor...buy for me la...buy for me la* Just know when i was playing that time got a lot of feature also...
Dad : *changing topic* Its late and they are closing.we'll come back and see later.
Me : * A big big sigh*

Anyway exam is coming very very soon and i see many people 'eating' up the books.I'll try to join the group 'eating' up the books or boil it with water and drink.But believe me no matter how i screw chemistry, i will end failing it with a F.

Oh ya...I want to touch on something which is
It is so true that we can normally see it everywhere from the house to school to public area and even 'tepi longkang and tepi jamban' let me show you who

house: my brother, cousin brother and dad
school : of course some of pupils from PRIMARY(such young boys) to secondary and some teacher

They just want to take control in every thing they do.They think that woman, teenagers and children don't understand what really happening around,and we are some retarded people send by god living with them so called themselves 'The Genius One' *puke* They really think that only them got temper ar?????!!!!!!Harlo, my temper is worse than you ppl, when i'm mad,i can curse you with the kejam-est word ever and you can never win in an arguement with me!!!Listen to me, you may see me smile and joke with you but when u 'TER-pijak ekor saya' i'll let you try the feeling of going to hell.I'M NOT THE KIND GIRL WHO SPEAKS SOFTLY AND EASILY BULLIED BY OTHER.YOU SHOUT AT ME,I'LL SHOUT BACK AT YOU AND FREE ONE TIGHT SLAP/PUNCH!(serves this idiot right)

NEVER THINK THAT YOU ARE FOREVER THE RIGHT ONE AND WE ARE THE WRONG ONE.Use you tiny little brain and think of what you do ,moron.

kevin b'day
My bio teacher aka uncle chee bday
my classmates!


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