Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its been a month i did not post any new post because of exams and stuff. Yay, we celebrated teacher's day and Mz.Mindy birthday yesterday.We put up a big drama to cheat Mindy to our class and yes, she believe me and zihui...GONNA WIN OSCAR AWARD THIS YEAR BABAY! While waiting for the picture to be uploade, i'm gonna crap something up here.I did cupcakes for the celebration with carynne and kangye in my house for the whole day and they are so excited that they skipped their tuition class. Not a very successful attempt but it is still edible.We have so much joy yesterday and I LOVE 6AS SO MUCH NOW! The bond is born!

Examination is a total failure for me.When i see the result, everyone will faint and better not to talk about it.Can anyone tell me where to find a good husband???Need one now ASAP.I promise will become a darn good wife! 6AS ppl with Mz.Mindy! Bunch of crazy people

all of 6AS teachers except Mr.Rajendran.From Left , Pn.Kwan,Mr.Kohsalan,Ms.Tan&Mz.mindy
Class with Mr.Rajendran! Cutting cake ceremony,Is Ms.Tan too happy until tears rolling down??

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