Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tomorrow No School ,No mood study

Tomorrow is Monday, why aren't me sleeping and get ready for school tomorrow?Oh ya, it's holiday.I should be happy to off for 2 weeks but I wish I have school tomorrow. It's hard to ask my brain to study during holiday.I could have study more in school compare to staying at home 'boiling' hk drama ( yes sir, sorry sir).The movie ended and could you believe i watch 30 episode of it in 2 days time! Fuh.... So what I'm gonna do next is study and my another bio project about ecology (dig dig dig, count count count , type type type)

Like Linda Chung in this drama...Very Cool Teacher like her name Miss Koo

Mr.Lye card, nice right?

Bunch of happy people with sir
Ah, my beloved homemade cupcakes!

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