Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WHAT IS THE POINT OF SPOT CHECK? It is a checking conduct on a people especially student so that prefect can get something out of a person and of course they will get very happy when they get something.This is only what others sees, but for me, i conduct spot check and no matter how good is our checking is, there must be something for people to complain on our checking as if they are flawless! If you are so good, you do it on your own la, why only order other to do and you just observe and say this and that.NEVER APPRIECIATE WHAT OTHERS DO FOR YOU, BE THANKFUL LA BLARDY FELLA! IF I GOT CHANCE I'LL LET YOU TRY A HOT, BLOWING, TIGHT KICK ON YOUR ASS! Anyway, i'm thankful for a group of good spot check group and they really work very hard for it.We already sweat like pouring rain and have to stand this kind of thing!Sien er!


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