Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feel the difference in school and plkn

Wth....i really feel my school is the suckiest.Now i really got the feeling of 'un'apprieciated in school especially from the principal.She will just listen and talk to those who is academically and co-curiculum good student.Whereas in the kem, the commandant will listen to everyone opinion and we share personal problem with him.Although he is from military and as man he can be so caring why our principal an educated person and a woman can be so mean and unfair to the student.

In plkn,life is so real and enjoyable.Life there is very healthy compare to school.In ns, we have class and sports.Both of them is equally important.But in the school,nothing is much more important than our academic achievement.

Both of this share the same aim that is to build a good individual that can lead the country and world in the future.The difference that i can see makes me hate the school so much.Now i feel so proud to be a student from KEM PLKN NILAM EHSAN and not being proud to be MGSians.

For those who read this please don't feel offended!This is what come out from my feeling now!

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  1. LOL.. Luckily you're no more a MGSians.. Or else you'll kena kau kau... I miss my NS too ): Don't feel like coming back, LOL....