Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feel So Lazy!

These few days makes me really want to go back to the camp so much.Life in the house is so unhealthy.
In the morning, Jurulatih bertugas will wake us up by BANGUN,BANGUN, BANGUN..... ikan bilis dan cili padi ,malas bangun jangan sekali ,wahai wira dan wirawati janganlah tidur lagi...
BANGUN BANGUN BANGUN...Then its time to wake up.Go to the toilet with friends the change into baju pt and go to padang kawad and see stars with poka , chileng and other delta member.Then ready for pt.After pt,go back to the dorm and bath,Change to baju kelas then go for breakfast at DM.
In the afternoon,after lunch go back to the dorm and rest.By 2.10,lining up in DM for activities like marching, water confident, kayaking , flying fox, merempuh halangan and etc.5.30 pm,there is riadah like poco-poco, bumi hijau and sports.
Then 6.30,dinner time with friends.Sometimes we volunteer to clean DM.Though its a stupid job but me ,poka and chileng just enjoyed it!Went back to dorm then send dobi...we chat and jokes around in the DM till jurulatih halau us back to the dorm.
At night,we have roll call and commandant will do chicken dance, sing khidmat negara song, keranamu Malaysia and Jalur gemilang.Everyone just have fun here!
I really miss the moment so much in the camp with camp mate....Flashin back those time now makes me cry!

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