Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Superb day!!!!!

After so many days back from NS, i guess today is the best day coz my 'kerinduan' towards my camp is half gone.Because we have a very small reunion.Yes, small reunion....small but mighty.Got a chance to meet cikgu Amin and wife, Siew Fai, Weng Loon, Zul, Faris, Sze lyn, Redzuan ,Qaqa, Fatin, Asma ,Fatin Alia, Paan and TC(sorry if i miss out someone).About 12 noon,we having lunch at Chatter Kopitiam.Then we move to food court because the space is not wide enough.About 3+,we go for bowling session.A competition between Cikgu Amin and Wife with Zul and his girlfriend.This won by cikgu Amin and wife.The individual champion won by Redzuan after 2 strike.....These we end our reunion at 6......

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  1. I wish my camp got reunion too.. SIGH